Fitness for Kids

Mommy & Baby

The perfect program for new mothers with activities like baby sensory, stroller bootcamp, born 2 play, and more for babies as young as 6 months old.


For Boys

Sports and fitness programs for boys include obstacle games, boxing fitness, taekwando, tabata, aqua fit games, and more.


For Girls

Sports and fitness programs for girls like boot camps, hip hop classes, body shape, pilates, total body workout, and more.

Fun & Fitness

All of our kids and teenager programs are designed to help your kids improve health and confidence while having a lot of fun.

Want to Raise Fit & Confident Kids?

Aspire active offers health and fitness programs for the whole family.

Girls Only Programs

Aspire active aims to promote physical, mental, and emotional health in girls from 9 to 17 years old. The carefully designed programs like Hip hop classes, body shape, Pilates, and boot camps will empower them to achieve their goals in all walks of life. All fitness programs and classes are led by fully qualified instructors and coaching staff.

Boys Only Programs

We have designed special programs for 9 to 17 years old boys. Activities like boxing fitness, Taekwando, and Aqua fit games are aimed to lay the foundation of a strong physical development. Our qualified coaches will introduce them to the benefits of physical activity and boost confidence by providing a healthy competition.

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